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Why hasn’t Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles opened up yet in Anaheim?

Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, Anaheim

We have been waiting now for over a year for the new Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles to open up in Anaheim, at 2110 S. Harbor Boulevard, just a few blocks south of Disneyland.  And the wait continues.  The O.C. Register reported in April this year that “A Roscoe’s official said the Anaheim restaurant will open later this summer.”

A mini-scandal erupted in late May, of this year, when someone at Roscoe’s posted on their Facebook page: “Everyone is wondering why our Anaheim location isn’t open yet, and so are we. Call City Hall and ask what is the problem, could it be racial?” as reported by the OC Weekly.

The company quickly blamed that comment on hackers but it showed up on their Twitter feed too.

I can’t blame Roscoe’s for being frustrated by the planning approval process in Anaheim.  Doing business behind the Orange curtain has to be different from their experiences in Long Beach and elsewhere in Los Angeles, where Roscoe’s is a revered icon in the dining landscape.

Remember that the City of Anaheim actually sued the owner of the Angels, Arte Moreno, when he bought the franchise and changed their name to include Los Angeles.  How stupid was that?  They lost that lawsuit and now they are kissing up to Moreno as he can opt out and move his team in the next couple of years.

You can also follow them on Foursquare, where a few pictures are reported, as we all wait for them to open up.  They don’t have a Yelp page yet for the Anaheim location, but here is the link to the Yelp page for their Long Beach location.

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23 Responses

  1. m

    blacks want to make everything about race. idiots.

  2. boblabla

    m, you are an idiot. Roscoe’s isn’t about black, white or any color. It’s about fantastic, wonderful food. Shut your waffle hole.

  3. owners of Roscoe’s are the most disgusting people to deal with, they take advantage of smaller businesses and always rip them off…

  4. tfc

    Good! I don’t want a bunch of ni***** coming into anaheim its bad enough they started migrating here! Luckily its too expensive for there ghetto asses! Because there too fucking lazy to work! They always want something for free & complain about everything! Just because they were enslaved over 500 years ago get over it already! Its not our fault there dumbass race rolled over & agreed!

    • White Mama Bear

      TFC, your hate filled rant shows your true ignorance. When you spelled “there” the first time, I thought maybe it was a typo; however, when you used the incorrect spelling of “there” a second and third time, I realized we were dealing with the village idiot. When you are referring to a group of people it is “their” and not “there”. Also, you are using “its” as a contraction and therefore it should have an apostrophe, so it looks more like “it’s”. Having lived in Anaheim for many years (in the hills), I have encountered nothing but the nicest of black people – in fact, there are two black coaches on my son’s football team and both are wonderful people with wonderful families. I’m sorry you are the lazy one who doesn’t work hard enough to live in the nicer parts of the city where you don’t run into low class people of any color. Maybe you should stop YOUR complaining, go back to school, find a better job, and move on up to the east side of Anaheim. Oh, and slavery ended in the late 1800’s (not quite 500 years), and the civil rights movement was just 50 years ago, so get a clue you loser.

  5. nola

    Appalled by the hateful comments. TFC cant believe you would verbalize such hate.

  6. AJ

    I just want syrup on my chicken

  7. BJ

    As much as I’m also waiting for the new Roscoe’s to open…I think it’s an Orange County thing…not necessarily an Anaheim thing. There are absolutely NO Church’s Chicken locations in OC, and there are only a handful of Popeye’s. Why KFC and PepsiCo has such a stranglehold on the OC restaurant scene is anyone’s guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it has something with them having at least the Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine and not wanting any type of competing restaurants to open.

    Just my 2 cents…

  8. WIY

    Wow … The things that some post. It really makes you wonder how far have we come?

  9. francisco alvarado

    F this racist thing, I just want my damn #3 herb special here in anaheim, asap

  10. $Rome$4

    Yo Tfc, haven’t heard u commit sense the the white mama chewed u out for your ignorance. You said blacks are lazy and broke, but what are u besides ignorant? Let me answer, “Stupid”!!! Y don’t u step your racist game up and buy a phone that helps you with your vocab (aka) English dumbass we live in a era of new Technology. Lol! About your commits I have a lot to say but will keep it simple. Blacks aren’t the only ones who complain when things don’t seem right or fair all racist do, I mean what is your ignorant ass doing on your commit complaining… So get a grip and get your racist head out the clouds your never know when that complaining black person is next to you.. Lol! Fft: It’s funny how we can make commits behind close doors but don’t express the way you feel to the person you so call hate the most when you see them.

  11. carlos

    This doesnt explain why it hasnt open yet how hard is it to open a Restaurant in anaheim I seen mom and pop restaurant s pop up all the time

  12. Hard Hitting Journalism

    Dang good question. This is why I visit New Anaheim every day!!

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